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History and trade are two subjects that are closely related and before venturing into any new market its best to spend some time learning about the culture of its people. Once the basic research is done itís than time to connect with the people at the other end. Often we make the mistake of taking our beliefs elsewhere without realizing that the other person might not want to know.

This is done way too often and I find it detrimental. Itís just easier to learn about them and as the saying goes, when in Rome do as the Romans. Itís good to know as much as possible about the place, its culture and its history before venturing forward.

People always have a go at me for not promoting my own culture. They pass little comments and sarcastic remarks as to why I donít promote my own traditions and my answer is simply this, if someone wanted to know theyíd ask. If youíre venturing into a new market itís in your interest to take an interest in their interests.

Letís look at it in another context. If you liked a girl would you talk to her about you or talk to her about her? If itís the latter then youíre probably on the right track. If itís the former, well Iíd say your chances have diminished considerably. The same principle applies to building new markets; itís about them not you.



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